Optidrive Eco boosts leading pump distributor

When an independent UK pump and pumping system distributor needed to ensure their product range was reliable and efficient for its customers, it turned to Invertek Drives to provide the best possible solution.

The company has been manufacturing water boosting and pressurisation products for several decades and has a large client base.

It needed a reliable variable frequency drive to ensure its booster range offered customers the best possible assurance on quality and reliability.

Invertek’s innovation department created a bespoke solution using its Optidrive Eco.

Alt text not availableA spokesman for the pump company said: “These booster sets have been continuously developed over more than 35 years with customers also expecting them to be competitively priced, efficient and easy to operate.

"That is why we were looking to add variable frequency drives that would control the IE3 motors, thus saving time, energy and costs.

“Invertek benefits from having its own innovation department which was able to develop a custom-built solution that we have now adopted throughout the booster range.”

He added: “The fact Invertek also offers a UK-wide network of support and back-up means even more assurance for our own customers and, with the drives being manufactured in the UK as well, we can offer shorter delivery times, often within days of orders being placed, which gives us a real advantage in the competitive heating and ventilation sector we serve.”

Invertek’s Technical Manager, Kes Beech, said: “The popular Optidrive Eco is specifically designed to provide energy efficient, precise motor control for HVAC and pumping applications.

“First launched in 2013, the Eco range offers third-generation fan and pump control using a series of market-leading innovations including compliance with the latest harmonic standards and the ability to control a wide range of IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors including AC Induction (IM) Motors, AC Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors, Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors & Synchronous Reluctance (SynRM) Motors.

”The range is being constantly developed to meet customer needs and the fact we were able to provide a tailored solution for the pump distributor, as we have with many other global customers wanting to fully exploit the benefits of variable frequency drives, proves the success of taking this approach.”

Photo: One of Invertek's Optidrive Eco drives products.

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