Driving down the cost of refrigeration – to businesses and the environment

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EuroShop, Dusseldorf, Germany – 26 February 2023

Refrigeration is one of the largest single energy costs in the commercial and industrial food and beverage and cold chain sectors globally. This impacts the profitability of producers, suppliers, and retailers, in addition to the associated environmental consequences.

The introduction of variable frequency drive (VFD) technology into such refrigeration compressor systems creates energy efficiencies, supports a reduction in associated emissions, and ensures food safety through accurate control, precise monitoring, and management solutions.

That’s the message to delegates at EuroShop 2023 (26 Feb – 02 March) taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Invertek Drives Ltd (Hall 15, Stand A01), an innovator and manufacturer of VFD technology, is exhibiting its Optidrive VFD range targeted at refrigeration applications, including Coolvert, a high-performance drive specifically for BLDC compressors, heat pumps and CDUs.

For example, increasing numbers of convenience store operators are moving to natural refrigerant-based refrigeration systems, driven by the need to meet more stringent F-Gas regulations, as well as reducing costs and creating energy efficiencies.

“The food and beverage sector is a significant user of refrigeration systems, from transportation and cold rooms to retail display cases. Traditional on/off compressor systems are less efficient than modern compressor systems using VFDs,” said Mike Carman, Executive Business Development Manager, HVAC-R at Invertek Drives.

“The ability to control refrigeration compressors with VFDs means you have a compressor speed matching the changing system demand. This increases the system’s efficiency and lowers energy consumption.”

Natural refrigerants such as R744 (CO2) and R290 (propane) are increasingly being used in refrigeration systems due to tighter F-Gas regulations, introduced to reduce HFCs, and towards the global push to reduce climate change.

Optidrive Coolvert is a VFD specifically for these systems. It has been designed to work with BLDC compressors, heat pumps, CDUs, and food retail display cases. Its compact size is ideal for machine builders and OEMs and is perfect for a range of refrigeration systems.

Invertek’s Coolvert VFD will be exhibited along with its Optidrive Eco and Optidrive E3 drives which provide efficient compressor control.

More details can be found at www.invertekdrives.com/refrigeration

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