Ambitious SPS stand reaps rewards

Invertek’s attendance at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremburg last month was its most ambitious to date, specifically designed to reflect the company’s growing reputation as a leading global player.

SPS is widely recognised as the main event in the industry’s calendar - the 2013 show was visited by a record breaking 60,027 visitors, keen to find out about the latest innovations in drives and automation from 1622 global exhibitors.

Sales and Marketing Director, Rhydian Welson, says, “SPS provides an unrivalled opportunity to showcase all aspects of Invertek’s motor control capabilities. We welcomed visitors from more than 28 countries which resulted in a number of high calibre enquiries, with almost a quarter coming from German companies.

“All areas of our stand performed well this year and we received significant volumes of enquiries about Optidrive P2 and E2, as well as our newest product, the HVAC Eco.”

Invertek’s 138 sq mtr SPS stand provided the perfect platform to showcase the latest innovations from its R&D department - all developed with the company’s ‘ease of use’ ethos to ensure global accessibility. The independently owned company’s products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide and a recent strategic international marketing drive has significantly raised Invertek’s global brand profile, as Rhydian explains; 

“Increased awareness of the Invertek brand was evidenced by both the volume of visitors we welcomed to the stand, and the calibre of enquiries we received. We have extremely ambitious growth targets for the next five years and our annual attendance at SPS plays a vital role in our sales and marketing activities.”

Read on to find out about the innovations from Invertek on show at SPS, or see the stand for yourself by watching this short film on Invertek Drives’ YouTube channel.

Third generation HVAC drive, HVAC Eco
Providing energy efficient fan and pump control, Invertek’s third generation HVAC drive can reduce harmonic current distortion to below 30% iTHD (Total Harmonic Distortion), whilst also increasing efficiency by reducing the input current levels – leading to reduced life time costs.

A new, compact size 8 Optidrive P2 and Optidrive HVAC
Introduced to increase the available power ratings for Invertek's product range beyond the present maximum of 160kW / 250HP

Invertek's multiple-pump control system, Optiflow
Unique technology for energy efficient pump control and the control of multiple pumps without the need for expensive PLCs or pump controllers

Oscilloscope function added to the OptiTools Studio
Invertek has added an oscilloscope function to its powerful PC based commissioning and programming software, OptiTools Studio to help with commissioning and fault finding, as well as helping customers to monitor energy usage.

Optidrive Elevator
Optidrive Elevator is the 2nd generation dedicated elevator drive from Invertek Drives, designed to provide smooth, reliable carriage control in all elevator applications.

Optidrive E2 Single Phase
The first commercially available one phase drive, uniquely designed for use with single phase permanent split capacitor (PSC) or shaded pole motors

Energy Savings Calculator mobile app
Invertek launched a mobile app version of its popular Energy Savings Calculator to enable customers to calculate the potential energy, CO2 and financial savings of using Invertek's Optidrive variable speed drives.

The free app is compatible with both android and apple devices and can be downloaded from Google play or the iTunes store now. And best of all, once downloaded it can be used anywhere – with no internet connection required!

IP66 options
Invertek demonstrated its latest range of IP66 rated options including Input Choke, Filter and Output Choke on an IP66 rated size 2 Optidrive P2 at SPS. These latest additions offer complete protection against dust and water ingress

600 Volt Optidrive P2 and HVAC
Now available in frame sizes up to Size 5

Contact for more details on all of the above.

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