Advanced Elevator Control

200-480V Single & 3 phase input
0.75-15 kW 1-20 HP

Safe to operate

Anti rollback and anti-stall functions ensure the smoothest operation out of the box.

Built in rescue modes support load direction sensing and rescue direction capability.

Fault detection suppression, no trips between floors.


USB-C iConnect allows easy drive programming and analysis with no mains power or specialist connections required.

USB-C iConnect allows seamless connection between the drive; powerful commissioning and set up software; and seamless connection to worldwide data sharing.

Integrated flight recorder

Stores key elevator travel data around any recorded event.

Add your own data recording points and access everything via USB-C, no mains power required.

Optitools Pro software allows data visualisation, analysis and easy data sharing for collaborative working.


Intuitive colour coded pluggable terminal layout offering separation between control and power wiring to support best practice EMC layouts.

Compliant to EN12015\6

Best in class power density

Space saving design allows easy retrofit to control panels, with front and side mounting options for total flexibility.

Powerful performance

No derating required.

Best in class acoustic noise profile under extreme conditions.

10kHz full current operation at 50°C

All the other good stuff..

  • Built in EMC filter EN12015 conformant, no need for expensive and bulky external filters.

  • Support for DC supplies, battery and single-phase UPS to simplify rescue operation.

  • Universal encoder interface supporting 10 encoder types including the latest fully digital encoders.

  • Fully adjustable start, run and stopping gains to fine tune ride comfort under all load conditions.

  • Silent operation with temperature controlled variable speed cooling fan.

  • Conformal coated circuit boards for maximum environmental protection.

  • Motor brake release time measurement for optimum brake release management and jerk free take-off.

  • Fully configurable multi step S’ramp supporting both creep and direct to floor profiles for optimum travel comfort.

  • Roped autotune for encoder offset detection and current loop configuration.

  • User friendly elevator drive menu structure and elevator units accessible through the built in display and keypad as well as the serial port and USB-C interface.

  • Motor contactor and brake monitoring support from a built in UCM function allowing EN81-A3 support with no additional hardware needed.

  • Large, user friendly buttons for ease of programming.

  • Zero contactor (SIL 3) capability for maintenance free and silent operation, TuV Nord conformant.

  • Built-in brake chopper with brake resistor thermal overload protection.

  • SGS ISO 9001
  • SGS ISO 14001

GBManufactured in the UK

Invertek’s products are designed and manufactured in the UK to the quality and environmental management system principals of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001:2015

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