MVX Soft Starter

Proud to announce the release of the world's smallest (and safest) MV soft starter - the MVX!

The Smallest Soft Starter in the World

MVX Soft Starter Drive

The MVX soft starter is the smallest medium voltage soft-starter in its class, with a smaller panel footprint than any other MV soft starter in the market today. Space is a big advantage in lowering your switchroom costs and provides more flexibility where space is needed like marine applications.

  • Current range: Up to 800A
  • Motor connection: Inline
  • Rated voltage class: Up to 15kV
  • Mains frequency: 45Hz to 66Hz

The safest soft starter in the world!

MVX - The Safest Soft Starter Drive

To ensure your staff and plant are safe from arc fault, the MVX is the only choice. The MVX meets or exceeds all the relevant IEC standards for internal arc fault resistance. The MVX L-series panels can even withstand an arc event in one compartment without affecting neighbouring compartments.

Easier to service

MVX - Service

We have eliminated complex disassembly to replace or service a part. The MVX starter with L-series panels are designed with easy rack-in, rack-out operation. Components can be inspected through viewing windows and are easily accessible via hinged doors or removable panels, while still keeping unauthorised people out.

More flexibility

Don't feel constrained in the choice of apparatus in your switchgear, MVX panels are compatible with all of the major apparatus suppliers.

The benefit of experience

At every stage of the process, we will work with you to create the ideal MVX solution to meet the needs of your application and budget.

The MVX soft starter is available in a range of configurations up to rated voltage class 15kVA and 800A. There is a full service capability to design and manufacture your entire Motor Control Centre.