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RJ45 Accessories

  • Allow rapid connection and assembly of drive networks
  • Combining splitters, hubs and RJ45 cables allows a plug and play network to be easily created

RJ45 cables can be used to connect the drive to a wide range of networks. When using Modbus RTU, CANbus or BACNet MSTP serial networks, the splitters and RJ45 hub can be used to allow rapid connection of multiple drives to a common network, by simply plugging together the required number of cables and splitters and connecting the drives.

Dimensions (mm) Optidrive Compatibility
Product Code Description Width Height Depth Weight (kg) P2 ECO E3 Elevator
OPT-J4505-IN Cable, 0.5M RJ45 - - - -
OPT-J4510-IN Cable, 1.0M RJ45 - - - -
OPT-J4530-IN Cable, 3.0M RJ45 - - - -
OPT-J45SP-IN Cable Splitter RJ45 79 173 123 0.8
OPT-2-RJHUB-IN RJ45 8 Way Network Hub 72 90 59 0.8
OPT-3-BNTSP-IN RJ45 BacNet connector - - - -

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