Invertek is pleased to announce that its new ‘Express Centre’ is now operational - providing order packing, order consolidation and despatch services to Sales Partners around the World.

The 1,000m2 centre, located at Buttington Cross, Welshpool, is only a few minutes by road from Invertek’s UK headquarters and has been fitted out to the same high standard as the main production facility, providing an ultra-clean, light and airy working environment.

Despatch Manager, Richard Taylor, explains, “The Express Centre has been designed to enhance the process of packing and despatching individual orders and very significantly, now allows the Despatch Team to take full control of the order consolidation process - a direct response to growing customer demand to bring together multiple orders in a single shipment for optimising freight costs."

Consolidated product is now despatched from the Express Centre to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Operations Director, Charles Haspel, adds, “The Express Centre forms an integral part of our plans to increase capacity and improve the quality of our services to ensure we can meet growing global demand. From 2015 the new facility will also be home to the company’s Global Service and Warranty operation and Invertek Express - the highly successful priority service for customers that need urgent deliveries.”