Students gain an insight into electronic engineering as a career

We're constantly innovating at Invertek Drives Ltd to ensure we're always ahead of the game with the latest variable frequency drives technology and products.

An important part of our innovation and production is the ability to ensure we have the right people at the heart of our business, whether that's research and development, technical, servicing, production, finance or sales and marketing.

Awareness of careers in innovation

One way we do this is by ensuring young people in schools and colleges are aware of what we do and the career opportunities we provide.

Our graduate programme helps us ensure we have a regular flow of new and innovative people joining the established team.

We recently welcomed students from Shrewsbury High School.

They met with representatives from the different areas of the Invertek business to chat about and understand the different careers, qualification requirements and experiences our team has.

Here's some of the feedback we received from them:

“It was a great trip and I learnt a lot. It opened my eyes to jobs and experiences I never thought about before," Aaina.

“The trip was an amazing experience that taught me about some of the roles in electronic engineering. The encouragement given to pursue a career in engineering was inspiring," Miren.

“It really helped me to plan out my future with what I would like to do. It was a lot of fun and all the staff there were really nice and enthusiastic and willing to answer all of my questions. Probably the best trip I’ve been to and I would definitely recommend others go," Immy.

Insight in innovation and engineering

"It was an engaging experience that gave me an insight into the fields in engineering , that I didn’t know much about previously," Rachael.

If you'd like know more about careers at Invertek Drives Ltd, visit:

Photo: Some of the students from Shrewsbury High School take a look at the robotics technology used in the production of our variable frequency drives during a visit to our global headquarters and manufacturing facility at Welshpool, Powys, UK

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