Optidrive precision motor control creates the perfect cut for meat slicer manufacturer

The speed and precision of automated commercial cold meat slicing and packing machines have to be accurate and efficient to minimise wastage and maximise profitability.

Commercial food production equipment manufacturer Jet Maq, based in Brazil, is using Invertek Drives Optidrive E3 to ensure its Jetcut cold meat slicing machines are doing just that for its customers.

It installs four Optidrive E3 IP20s to each of its Jetmac food slicers to precisely and accurately control motors operating the movement and speed of the meat product towards a rotating cutter, as well as the cutter speed. Combined, this ensures precisely cut slices at maximum speed without waste.

Precise motion control

“One of the drives controls the speed reducer that triggers the movement of the meat towards the rotating slicer. A motor rotates a thread that pushes the meat precisely.

"The movement combined with the blade speed results in the required size of the individual slices,” said Marcus Silva, Invertek Drives Country Manager for Latin America.

“The movement has to be precise. Otherwise, the size of the cut can vary or jamming can occur. That can affect production and downtime.”

Four Optidrive E3, Frame 1, IP20 drives at 0.37kW are used in each machine to control three 220v 0.5HP motors and one 1.5HP motor.

Eduardo Henrique and Edson Luiz of Altus said: “We started using the Optidrive E3 as it has precise motor control and is very reliable. We want our customers to experience a class-leading product with little maintenance or downtime. Using the Optidrive with our engineering and manufacturing expertise means we have a perfect solution for them.”

The Optidrive E3 is a compact, robust and reliable general-purpose drive available in IP20 enclosures up to 37kW and an IP66 up to 7.5KW.

It includes application macros for industrial, pump and fan modes, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

More details can be found at https://www.invertekdrives.com/about/


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