Graduate careers developing VFD technology of the future

Continued research and development is key to the global success of the Invertek Drives range of Optidrive variable frequency drives (VFD) technology in motor and pump control applications.

For more than 21 years, we have invested in our innovation team to achieve this, placing 14% of our turnover back into R&D each year. Employing the best engineers in their class, our graduate programme is a vital part of this.

Jack joined Invertek in 2011. After completing his A-Levels, he initially worked on the production line where VFDs are assembled before being delivered to customers around the world.

After eight months he realised he wanted to pursue a career in electrical engineering and was offered a place on the graduate programme. He undertook a degree at Northumbria University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, sponsored by Invertek.

Today, he works as a Development Engineer within the innovation team, helping develop new ideas and products that ensure Invertek is at the leading edge of VFD technology.

Here we ask Jack about his experience of the programme and working with Invertek.

Had you heard about Invertek Drives before you applied for a graduate position?

I hadn’t heard about Invertek Drives as such when I was at school. But a friend was working at the company and told me about a vacancy. I worked on the production line for eight months after writing to the company looking for work.

What degree did you undertake?

I undertook a degree in Electrical Engineering at Northumbria University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

How did working at Invertek Drives help with your education?

Having the experience of working at Invertek before I went on to university and also spending time within the innovation team while I was working on my degree was a real bonus. It was work experience I would not have gained otherwise. 

What work are you currently undertaking at Invertek Drives?

I’m working on the evaluation of real-world scenarios. Testing and developing our systems in a range of situations – from lifts to industrial saws. It ensures our current range of drives are more than capable of doing the job they’re supposed to and looking at new ways and technology to make them even better.

What has helped develop your skills?

When I joined the graduate programme I was placed in each department for a time. I’d say that was a good experience as it allowed me to understand how each part of the business works and how different elements can impact on others.

What do you think you’d be doing if you hadn’t joined Invertek?

I would have most likely undertaken a degree in mechanical engineering. I don’t know where that would have taken me, but I doubt it would have been as exciting or challenging as my job here.

What’s the best bit about working at Invertek Drives?

It has to be the working environment and my colleagues. We’re undertaking some great work. We get to try a lot of disciplines between us and discuss ideas. There are a lot of opportunities.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

There’s a lot of potential career-wise. I want to think I’ll be continuing to develop and evaluate the real-world scenarios and continuing to help with the development of new products and technology.

What’s your favourite product/innovation at Invertek Drives?

It has to be the Optidrive P2. It’s a very powerful drive used for large industrial applications in a wide range of sectors.

What’s it like living/working in the area? (Mid Wales and Shropshire)

We’re in a great location here. We’re a relatively short distance from Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, as well as having the countryside on your doorstep. We have a good road and rail infrastructure and nearby towns provide excellent social and lifestyle opportunities.

What would you say to any graduate thinking about applying to Invertek Drives?

If you’re looking for a role that offers a challenge, allows you the chance to develop your ideas and is a great place to work, then Invertek is perfect.

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