Optidrive training films hosted on YouTube.

Invertek Drives has recently introduced an Optidrive Training section to its dedicated YouTube channel as part of the company's commitment to making its variable speed drives as easy to use as possible.

The section currently hosts two short films showing how to install and commission an Optidrive E2 and plans are in place to add additional films later this year.

Invertek Optidrive E2 Guide Part 2 – Basic Settings shows Invertek's trainer, Martin Brown, introducing the E2's settings and applications. In Part 1 - Install, Martin delivers step-by-step instructions on how to connect the drive to both the motor and supply, as well as how to set the parameters depending on the application requirements.

Both films use plain English to explain the process from start to finish, making them easy to follow for viewers around the world. Approximately 97% of Invertek's products are destined for export markets so it was vital the films are easy to understand, even for viewers for whom English isn't their first language.

Training has always been a core element of Invertek's customer service ethos. The innovative company offers a number of training courses at its bespoke training facility at the Welshpool HQ, as well as at customer sites around the world. Invertek ensures product information can be accessed in a variety of ways, as well as offering a comprehensive support service.

Sales and Marketing Director, Rhydian Welson, explains, "From the very beginning, Invertek set out to be 'easy to work with'. This vision encompasses all aspects of our business – from our products and services, to the way we work with our international sales partners and customers. Technical information on every Invertek product can be found in the accompanying handbook, on our website and also on the information card built into each drive. YouTube is an accessible channel that enables users of our drives to quickly find the information they need."

The dedicated 'Support' section includes a wealth of information on all aspects of Invertek's services. From pre-sales and technical support, to spares and repairs and service contracts, Invertek's 'Global Engineered Support' programme ensures customers benefit from superior service wherever they're located.